Tuesday, February 19, 2013

bag from a hoodie sweatshirt

My little guy loves, I mean LOVES, to look through my purse for snacks. Even though I say "there isn't anything in there" he knows. He knows my purse has loads of snack items from suckers to candies to more nutritious things like granola bars and raisins and sometimes (dare I say it) fruit! So, I needed a place within my purse to be the snack bag so I can just grab it, or he can grab it, and choose something. Especially when I am on the phone, at the doctors (talking to the doctor) or waiting to pick my daughter up from school-you know the times they can't seem to go one more second without a snack!!
So here is the bag.
Take an old hoodie sweatshirt. This one had a stain on it but I have attachment issues. 
First, cut the hood off. 
 Second, make sure you don't cut the strings coming out on both sides. You will need these.

Third, turn the hood inside out and sew. I wanted my sides to match up so I slightly curved the square raw edge. If you look in the bottom right hand corner of the white hood picture below you will see that the seem needs to go to the right of where the draw strings come out. By sewing this way you won't interrupt the strings which is the whole beauty of this bag.
 Fourth, draw up the string.

 And then be so so pleased with your 3 minute project and delight in filling it with the goods for your littles!
**I realize this is very specific to a soft, light weight hoodie sweatshirt, but I hope someone out there on the World Wide Web finds this useful. If you do, send me your link and show me a picture.

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