Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Photo ideas and color coordinating

 I love taking pictures and I really love taking pictures of my cute kids.
Here are some tips and ideas.
1. Coordinate but don't matchy match.
This photo shoot was based on the outfit Miss Blue was wearing.
Next, we went to a local park. I got the kids out and set them a ways from me and then I just told them to walk toward me and I click click clicked. The whole photo session took about 5 minutes. They all turned out so spontaneous and cute.

 2. It's okay to crop a little of a person out of the picture if it means you get a cute picture.
3. And...embrace the railroad tracks as long as you can park your van on the tracks and there is no danger of an approaching train. Like there will never be a train that day.

 4. I love telling my kids to kiss each other, but save this method for the end of the photo shoot, otherwise they will be only into kissing each other and being silly and you're done.
 A couple different Christmas ideas.
And above all else. Take lots of pictures, often, and you will get some good ones.