Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Sunshine costume for kids

We bought the yellow shirt, the yellow sequin top, and the yellow skirt. The sunshine headband was just created using yellow felt. I folded the felt and on the fold drew the triangle. Then i glued the edges of the triangle together but left the fold in place so it is just one piece. Then after I had 5 triangles I slipped them over a headband and her head and the headband held them on. Once halloween was over we just slipped the triangles off.

How to use both sides of your freezer paper stencil

Here is free drew a picture of victorious biker. I kept all the pieces for the negative image you see below. Shirt #2 Also has an added stencil for the writing. 
I went to so much effort for this stencil that it was nice to see it used 2 times.

"A house of God" artwork

Take a 12x12 scrapbook paper and choose a coordinating sheet for the underlay. I bought ribbon to go along the bottom and made a paper flower and button for the side. It is in a frame with no glass for dimension.

no bake cookie amplified

My husband would say I never follow a recipe true to it's writing. That is definitly the case with no bake cookies. Just google one of the million no bake recipes. What I did was added about 1/2 cut hazel nut spread, about 1/4 cup more oats, about 2 TBSP more milk and then tons of crushed up graham crackers. Amazing.

girls dress from a dress shirt

For a time my little girl was about as tall as my shirts were long. So we jumped on sewing for her. 
I am just posting this to inspire you. I didn't take pics of the step by step. 
Basically, I cut the neck off. folded it under and sewed. I created the basic shape from another one of her dresses and made the arm holes.
You can see I ran out of material so I used a sleeve and turned it the other way for contrast. I added the belt with a simple rose to mimic the added hem.

update for an ugly window

We are forever renters. Look at those hideous blinds. I just bought some coordinating fabrics and cut the pattern on a sheet of construction paper. Make sure you add about 1/2 inch to the shape so that when you sew the two pieces together you get a true "U" shape and not a 1/2 inch shorter "u" shape. I even made it easy on myself and attached them to the window with clothes pins.

Soft book page ideas

Just a few of the more enjoyable pages from the soft book I made awhile back.
They are pretty self explanatory but if you have questions leave a comment.

Barbie cake

I took birthday girl to the store to choose the barbie. I new we needed a "slimmer" hipped barbie. When you start shopping for the barbie you will see what I mean. 
For the cake: I used a metal bowl and then shaped it to fit her body. 
You just dig and hole out and push the barbie right down in the cake.
The frosting was just made with different pinks and orange jell food coloring until we got the right color. The cake actually served about  10 people. It was bigger than it looks.

Dump Truck cake

This cake was made using a bread/loaf pan for the bed of the truck and then another bread/loaf pan for the front of the truck. I elevated the back of the truck and frosted it to look like it is filled with "something". It is actually just the solid cake with cookies and chocolate frosting on top.

Thomas the Train cake.

For this cake I made a 9X13 boxed cake. I made a 9inch circle cake for the top. The rest was just a matter of creating the different color frostings and drawing the face. Very easy and fun.

Princess Castle Cake

 So, this cake is 3 cakes. The bottom is a 9X13 pan. The middle is a square cake pan and the top is a small circle cake pan. I frosted it pink. Dipped the icecream cones (2 kinds as you can see) in white chocolate and added sprinkles. We bought the disney princess set at walmart for $10.
 She was pleased.

4th of July shirts

Take an old onesie. (or new) 
Cut a star out of freezer paper. I always use and exacto knife. Then I also free cut the USA out. Iron it on and paint. This blue was a shiny sparkly blue from Micheals. It is the tulip brand fabric paint.

 Chose an old white shirt (or new!) I just cut the stars out and ironed them on. For the right side I just used masking tape for the stripe width. Take your paint brush and lightly sweep it over the ironed on stencils until you like how it "feels"

upcycle updated girls spring easter dress

This dress. It was pretty in those delicate pastel-oldfashioned-so-not-me-way. I loved the dresses shape and I didn't want to but a new Easter dress for my 3 year old so here we go.
I went to Joann and chose a ribbon that would act as the belted waist for the new dress. I found a matching embroidery floss. 
Step 1: remove those pink roses from the pink belt on dress #1. 
Step 2: Hand sew new pink center right atop the old light pink rose center in dress #1
Step3: My new belt is actually 3 ribbons to get that effect seen in dress #2. You just lay one and two ribbon next to each other and sew down. The carefully sew the next ribbon on top. The ribbon puckered on the edges much to my happy surprise.

Valentine's Banner and crafts

A little love around here. I wanted to post these before I take it down. 
All this banner took was red yarn, clothes pins, 5 or 6 shades of pinkish materials you love. I free cut the hearts out and added some smaller hearts and circles for dimension.

Each year we pull this out. I wet the squares and hang them "on the line" and they dry and are perfect for the month of love.
This beauty was an ugly brown word art from Micheals. I just painted it red and the delicately ripped each letter out of paper and modpodged it on. Easy and so full of personality.

bag from a hoodie sweatshirt

My little guy loves, I mean LOVES, to look through my purse for snacks. Even though I say "there isn't anything in there" he knows. He knows my purse has loads of snack items from suckers to candies to more nutritious things like granola bars and raisins and sometimes (dare I say it) fruit! So, I needed a place within my purse to be the snack bag so I can just grab it, or he can grab it, and choose something. Especially when I am on the phone, at the doctors (talking to the doctor) or waiting to pick my daughter up from school-you know the times they can't seem to go one more second without a snack!!
So here is the bag.
Take an old hoodie sweatshirt. This one had a stain on it but I have attachment issues. 
First, cut the hood off. 
 Second, make sure you don't cut the strings coming out on both sides. You will need these.

Third, turn the hood inside out and sew. I wanted my sides to match up so I slightly curved the square raw edge. If you look in the bottom right hand corner of the white hood picture below you will see that the seem needs to go to the right of where the draw strings come out. By sewing this way you won't interrupt the strings which is the whole beauty of this bag.
 Fourth, draw up the string.

 And then be so so pleased with your 3 minute project and delight in filling it with the goods for your littles!
**I realize this is very specific to a soft, light weight hoodie sweatshirt, but I hope someone out there on the World Wide Web finds this useful. If you do, send me your link and show me a picture.