Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Niagra Falls tips with kids.

We drove to Niagra Falls. The kids LOVED it and so did we. Here are some hints I find might be helpful when you go.
1. Everyone told us to stay on the Canada side. True, the view was prettier from this side because you could see the magnificence of both the Canadian Horshoe Falls and the American Falls. People also told us that there was so much more to do on this side. True, again, if you are interested in all things Ripley believe it or not and wax museums and lots of souvenier shops and mini golf. Not our style, so it didn't matter that we stayed on the Canadian side. Also, Canada has a 16% tax people! And..we ate at Outback Steak House and the average meal was about $10 more than where we are from.
2. Crossing the border took all of 5 minutes...not a big deal. The kids only required birth certificates.

 Take the 1 mile walk along the edge of the falls from the Canada side. Stunning. There are several $5 lots up the hill from the main falls blvd. Don't park at the Police station loop. You have to pay $5 for 30 minutes. So we ended up paying $10. As we drove away we even saw a $1 lot at the top of Murray st. We were eager to see the falls and didn't explore our options but explore...there were lots of cheaper parking options.
 3.The next morning we hit the IMAX show on the canada side. Buy tickets online. You will save a substantial amount. Also, if you park in the lot that tells you to pay in the green boxes, pay you will. We parked over to the right on the IMAX theater and went in and asked where we should pay and the lady told us no one ever checked that lot and we could park for free. It was a matter of 10 parking spots away from the paid spots so it's helpful advice.
 We crossed the border the next morning and parked at Niagra State Park. We opted not to do the maid of the mist but you could board from this side. We decided to pay $1 and head out on the over look.
 This is a view from the overlook.
 Then you could take the elevator down to where the Maid of the Mist boards and you get these views.
4. grab yourself one of the recycled blue water breakers you see at the top of the elevator to protect yourself from the water. We didn't and as a result. All the kids and dad got soaked, but now me!! I was getting set to take their picture. It was so funny/ kind of sad to see them drenched.
 He recovered pretty quickly and now they have a tale to tell.
 And if you're like me and like the explanatory photo for you scrap book then this is on the American side as well.
Enjoy Niagra.

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